ASI mirror committees TC 001

Informationstechnologie und deren Anwendung

Information technology and its application

Organization Committee Title Membership
CEN TC 224   Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment P
CEN TC 225   AIDC technologies  P
CEN TC 331   Postal services  P
CEN TC 353   Information and Communication Technologies for Learning Education and Training  P
CEN TC 428   Digital competences and ICT Professionalism  P
CEN TC 434   Electronic Invoicing  P
CEN TC 440   Electronic Public Procurement  P
CEN TC 445   Digital information Interchange in the Insurance Industry  P
CEN TC 456   Reporting in support of online gambling supervision  P
CEN TC 457   Digital preservation of cinematographic works  P
CEN/CLC TC 008   Privacy management in products and services 
CEN/CLC TC 013   Cybersecurity and data protection 
ISO TC 068   Financial services  P
ISO TC 171   Document management applications  O
ISO TC 295   Audit data services  O
ISO TC 307   Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies  P
ISO TC 317   Consumer protection: privacy by design for consumer goods and services 
ISO TC 321   Transaction assurance in E-commerce 
ISO/IEC TC 001 07  Software and systems engineering 
ISO/IEC TC 001 25  Interconnection of information technology equipment  P
ISO/IEC TC 001 28  Office equipment  P
ISO/IEC TC 001 37  Biometrics  P
ISO/IEC TC 001 38  Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms  P
ISO/IEC TC 001 39  Sustainability for and by Information Technology 
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 02  Coded character sets  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 06  Telecommunications and information exchange between systems  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 17  Cards and personal identification  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 22  Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 29  Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 31  Automatic identification and data capture techniques  P
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 32  Data management and interchange  O
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 35  User interfaces  O
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 40  IT Service Management and IT Governance  O
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001 41  Internet of Things and related technologies 
ISO/IEC TC JTC 001   Information technology  P

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