ASI mirror committees TC 043

Gasgeräte und Gastechnik

Gas-fired appliances and gas technology

Organization Committee Title Membership
CEN TC 048   Domestic gas-fired water heaters  P
CEN TC 049   Gas cooking appliances  P
CEN TC 058   Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels  P
CEN TC 062   Independent gas-fired space heaters  P
CEN TC 106   Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels  P
CEN TC 109   Central heating boilers using gasous fuels  P
CEN TC 131   Gas burners using fans  P
CEN TC 180   Decentralized gas heating  P
CEN TC 181   Appliances and leisure vehicle installations using liquefied petroleum gas and appliances using natural gas for outdoor use  P
CEN TC 235   Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution  P
CEN TC 236   Non industrial manually operated shut-off valves for gas and particular combinations valves-other products  P
CEN TC 237   Gas meters  P
CEN TC 238   Test gases, test pressures, appliance categories and gas appliance types  P
CEN TC 299   Gas-fired sorption appliances, indirect fired sorption appliances, gas-fired endothermic engine heat pumps and domestic gas-fired washing and drying appliances  P
CEN TC 326   Natural Gas Vehicles - Fuelling and Operation  P
CEN/CLC TC 006   Hydrogen in energy systems  P
CEN/CLC TC 017   Fuel Cell Gas Appliances with Combined Heat and Power 
ISO TC 161   Controls and protective devices for gas and/or oil  O
ISO TC 193 01  Analysis of natural gas  P
ISO TC 193 03  Upstream area  O
ISO TC 193   Natural gas  P
ISO TC 197   Hydrogen technologies  O
ISO TC 263   Coallbed methane (CBM)  O

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