ASI mirror committees TC 052

Arbeitsschutz, Ergonomie, Sicherheitstechnik - AES

Occupational safety and health, ergonomics, safety technology

Organization Committee Title Membership
CEN TC 079 07  Diving apparatus  P
CEN TC 079   Respiratory protective devices  P
CEN TC 085   Eye protective equipment  P
CEN TC 093   Ladders  P
CEN TC 114   Safety of machinery  P
CEN TC 122   Ergonomics  P
CEN TC 137   Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents  P
CEN TC 145   Plastics and rubber machines  P
CEN TC 153   Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs and feed  P
CEN TC 158   Head protection  P
CEN TC 159   Hearing protectors  P
CEN TC 160   Protection against falls from height including working belts  P
CEN TC 161   Foot and leg protectors  P
CEN TC 162   Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets  P
CEN TC 186   Industrial thermoprocessing - Safety  P
CEN TC 196   Mining machinery and equipment - Safety  P
CEN TC 198   Printing and paper machinery - Safety  P
CEN TC 202   Foundry machinery  P
CEN TC 213   Cartridge operated hand-held tools - Safety  P
CEN TC 271   Surface treatment equipment - Safety  P
CEN TC 305   Potentially explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection  P
CEN TC 313   Centrifuges - Safety requirements  P
CEN TC 339   Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces - Methods of evaluation  P
CEN TC 352   Nanotechnologies  P
CEN TC 354   Light motorized vehicles for the transportation of persons and goods and related facilities and not subject to type-approval for on-road use  P
CEN TC 397   Baling presses - Safety requirements  P
ISO TC 094 01  Head protection  P
ISO TC 094 03  Foot protection  P
ISO TC 094 04  Personal equipment for protection against falls  P
ISO TC 094 06  Eye and face protection  O
ISO TC 094 13  Protective clothing  P
ISO TC 094 14  Fire-fighters' personal equipment  P
ISO TC 094   Personal safety - Protective clothing and equipment  P
ISO TC 145 03  Graphical symbols for use on equipment  O
ISO TC 145   Graphical symbols  P
ISO TC 146 02  Workplace atmospheres  P
ISO TC 148   Sewing machines  O
ISO TC 159 01  General ergonomics principles  P
ISO TC 159 03  Antropometry and biomechanics  O
ISO TC 159 04  Ergonomics of human-system interaction  O
ISO TC 159 05  Ergonomics of the physical environments  O
ISO TC 159   Ergonomics  P
ISO TC 199   Safety of machinery  P
ISO TC 229   Nanotechnologies  P
ISO TC 244   Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment  P
ISO TC 270   Plastic and rubber machines  P
ISO TC 283   Occupational health and safety management systems  P
ISO TC 293   Feed machinery  censpiegelgremien.participation.-
ISO TC 306   Foundry machinery  censpiegelgremien.participation.-

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