ASI mirror committees TC 007

Druckgeräte, Lagertanks und Tankstellenausrüstung

Pressure equipment, storage tanks and service station equipment

Organization Committee Title Membership
CEN TC 012   Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries  P
CEN TC 054   Unfired pressure vessels  P
CEN TC 069   Industrial valves  P
CEN TC 074   Flanges and their joints  P
CEN TC 107   Prefabricated district heating and district cooling pipe systems  P
CEN TC 110   Heat exchangers  P
CEN TC 219   Cathodic protection  P
CEN TC 234   Gas infrastructure  P
CEN TC 265   Metallic tanks for the storage of liquids  P
CEN TC 267   Industrial piping and pipelines  P
CEN TC 268   Cryogenic vessels and specific hydrogen technologies applications  P
CEN TC 269   Shell and water-tube boilers  P
CEN TC 282   Installation and equipment for LNG  P
CEN TC 286   Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and accessories  P
CEN TC 393   Equipment for storage tanks and for service stations  P
CEN/BT TC 146   Migration Help Desk 
CEN/CLC TC 017   Fuel Cell Gas Appliances with Combined Heat and Power 
ISO TC 067 02  Pipeline transportation systems  P
ISO TC 067 04  Drilling and protection equipment  O
ISO TC 067 05  Casing, tubing and drill pipe  O
ISO TC 067 06  Processing equipment and systems  P
ISO TC 067 07  Offshore structures  O
ISO TC 067 09  Liquefied natural gas installations and equipment 
ISO TC 067  01 Green manufacturing 
ISO TC 067   Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries petrochemical and natural gas industries P
ISO TC 153   Valves  P
ISO TC 185   Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure  O
ISO TC 220   Cryogenic vessels  P

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