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Nachhaltige Produktion von nachwachsenden Energierohstoffen und biobasierten Produkten

Sustainable production of renewable energy resources and biobased products

Document number Starting date
EN 16214-3/A1 2016-09-29

Sustainability criteria for the production of biofuels and bioliquids for energy applications - Principles, criteria, indicators and verifiers - Part 3: Biodiversity and environmental aspects related to nature protection purposes

EN 16848:2016 2016-11-09

Bio-based products - Requirements for Business to Business communication of characteristics using a Data Sheet

CEN/TR 16957:2016 2016-09-07

Bio-based products - Guidelines for Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) for the End-of-life phase

EN 16785-2 2018-03-21

Bio-based products - Bio-based content - Part 2: Determination of the bio-based content using the material balance method

EN 16935 2017-05-10

Bio-based products - Requirements for Business-to-Consumer communication and claims

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